Ecology of Gotjawal in Jeju

The Treasure of Jeju Gotjawal
A forest that gives, it gives aplenty.

Sharing for coexistence through Jeju lichens

Lichen. Local people in Jeju have called it "Clothes on stone" since ancient times. It is a symbiont of algae and fungi. Algae synthesis food from air. But fungi get food by decaying organic matter.

A long long time ago they encountered each other. Though different, they learned to work together in harmony and have been on that journey ever since. On the trees. On the ground, even on the rocks. Then a wide variety of lichens took different paths and spread all over the world.

Partners in Conservation Capacity Building 

This networking event will provide an opportunity for interactive discussion among individuals and organizations involved in capacity building initiatives to address biodiversity conservation challenges in Asia and beyond.


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