Drafting and Discussing Motions

Welcome to the Motions blog. This blog has been designed for IUCN Members to draft and discuss motions before they are formally submitted to the 2012 IUCN World Conservation Congress. We suggest you start by reading the How to use this blog section.

IMPORTANT: this blog is not part of the formal submission process for motions. To submit motions, sponsors must send an email to motions@iucn.org attaching the text of the motion in Word and following the templates provided here (English ¦ Español ¦ Français).


This blog is ONLY for discussion of draft motions. In order to be considered motions must be submitted by 9 May 2012 by sending an email to motions@iucn.org with the motion attached.

From 9 May to 8 July 2012 the Resolutions Working Group will prepare the motions for Congress as per the Statutes. Members of the Resolutions Working Group may contact sponsors of motions for any necessary clarification. The motions will then be published on 8 July 2012 for consideration and preparation by Members for Congress.

For technical assistance, please contact: helpdesk@iucn.org
For questions related to the motions process, please contact: motions@iucn.org