By Arturo Mora of IUCN's South America Office.

After months of preparations, 32 hours of flight from Quito and the coordinated efforts of our members, we are here in Jeju celebrating the most exciting and influencing event for the conservation community worldwide – the IUCN World Conservation Congress.

In preparation for this event we have seen several initiatives coming from South America related to traditional knowledge in the Amazon and Andes for climate change adaptation, conservation of the El Chaco sub-region; Red List of Ecosystems and Species for Latin America; alternative economic tools for the conservation of protected areas such as Yasuni-ITT; conservation of wetlands in La Plata basin; marine efforts for the Patagonian sea and transparency in fisheries, among others!
IUCN's South America Office and members are supporting other events such as training sessions on rights-based approaches to conservation which includes the participation of an Amazonian indigenous community leader, knowledge tools for Access and Benefit Sharing, working with the Convention on Biological Diversity with local communities for the Latin American region; and application of the IUCN Red List at the regional level.
We're also making the most of the opportunity to share our “Latino” vision with interested people and organizations from Asia and around the world including donors, specialists and governments.

Yes, South America is here at Jeju: “Viva la Biodiversidad”!!