By Violaine Berger, Programme Manager, Ecosystems and Water, World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD).

I am thrilled to be at the Congress this week and participate in all the ongoing discussions about how NGOs, governments and business can better work together to scale up solutions to biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation.

I have been working for two years with the WBCSD on ecosystems and water, but I come from business myself. I was however previously working for a company where sustainability was not on its radar screen. So I am excited to see so many progressive companies actively participating in the Congress and discussing with different stakeholders about how they can jointly tackle the challenge. If business is part of the issue, it is also part of the solution and it is now proactive in demonstrating that scalable solutions exist.

The WBCSD has organized a series of events this week, among them the Business and Biodiversity Think Tank, co-convened with the IUCN. The objective was to challenge existing policy and business solutions to biodiversity loss and ecosystem degradation, and come up with real, concrete, implementable solutions that can scale up action.

During this session partnerships appeared as critical factors of success: business and NGOs need to leverage their respective expertise and capacity for implementation at the landscape level. The session was very well attended, with NGOs and business forming the majority of the participants. Governments were however missing from the picture, although they are much needed to scale up incentives and reward leaders in sustainability!

I hope that soon the tiwe will see all stakeholders at the table, to discuss how we can jointly scale up, speed up and smart up solutions.