Candidates for election




The valid candidacies for Regional Councillor have been listed in alphabetical order per region. The number of Regional Councillors to be elected for each Region is defined in Article 39 of the IUCN Statutes and mentioned above the list of candidates for each Region. 

Nominations for President, Treasurer and Commission Chairs have been presented by Council and have also been published on the Congress Portal. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order for each position.

As of 30 June 2016, deadline of Article 27 of the Statutes for additional nominations for President to be made directly to Congress by forty Members from at least three Regions, the Director General has received no such nominations.

Please note that in addition to the Background Information on candidates and the 2016 Manifesto document that have been posted in three languages by the Secretariat, based on the information provided by the candidates, candidates themselves may post additional materials and interact with Members through the commenting space at their discretion.  The Secretariat bears no responsibility for these additional materials or the commenting space.


Election Officer: Associate Justice Michael D. Wilson

Council appointed the Election Officer during its 85th Meeting in May 2015. View his Terms of Reference.

Associate Justice Michael Wilson was appointed to the Hawaii Supreme Court on April 17, 2014, after serving as a Circuit Court of the First Circuit since May 10, 2000. 

Prior to his appointment as a Circuit Court judge, Justice Wilson was the director of the Department of Land and Natural Resources, Chair of the Board of Land and Natural Resources, Chair of the State Water Commission and a Trustee of the Kahoolawe Island Reserve Commission.  He was awarded a lifetime membership in the Western Association of Fish and Wildlife agencies in 1999.  Previously, he was a partner in the law firms of Pavey Wilson & Glickstein and Hart Wolff & Wilson. 

Justice Wilson received his law degree from Antioch School of Law in Washington D.C., and bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

To contact the Elections Officer, please write to: