All policy motions discussed and approved by the IUCN Membership can be found below, as well as the results of each vote. The individual voting records for each vote can be consulted online in the Union Portal (access restricted to IUCN Members).

The present page contains the entire history of the 2016 motions process, including all comments made during the electronic discussion, the various versions produced during the online discussion and in contact groups at the Congress, as well as the versions as approved by the IUCN Membership.

The texts of all 112 Resolutions and Recommendations adopted by the Members’ Assembly can be found individually on the Resolutions and Recommendations database or in the outcome compilation document “IUCN Resolutions, Recommendations and other Decisions”. Only the documents from those two sources are the official Resolutions and Recommendations of the 2016 World Conservation Congress.

This list contains 112 entry(ies).

Motionsort descending Resolution / Recommendation Title Results
001 WCC-2016-Res-001-EN Identifying and archiving obsolete Resolutions and Recommendations to strengthen IUCN policy and to enhance implementation of IUCN Resolutions Vote results
002 WCC-2016-Res-002-EN IUCN Global Group for National and Regional Committee Development Vote results
003 WCC-2016-Rec-098-EN Preventing electrocution and collision impacts of power infrastructure on birds Vote results
004 WCC-2016-Res-009-EN Conservation of the Helmeted Hornbill (Rhinoplax vigil) Vote results
005 WCC-2016-Rec-099-EN Promotion of Anguillid eels as flagship species for aquatic conservation Vote results
006 WCC-2016-Res-010-EN Conservation of Amur tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) and Amur leopard (Panthera pardus orientalis) in Northeast Asia Vote results
007 WCC-2016-Res-011-EN Closure of domestic markets for elephant ivory Vote results
008 WCC-2016-Res-012-EN Giraffids: reversing the decline of Africa’s iconic megafauna Vote results
009 WCC-2016-Res-013-EN Terminating the hunting of captive-bred lions (Panthera leo) and other predators and captive breeding for commercial, non-conservation purposes Vote results
010 WCC-2016-Res-014-EN Combatting the illegal poisoning of wildlife Vote results
011 WCC-2016-Res-015-EN Greater protection needed for all pangolin species Vote results
012 WCC-2016-Res-016-EN The IUCN Red List Index for monitoring extinction risk Vote results
013 WCC-2016-Res-017-EN Actions to avert the extinction of the vaquita porpoise (Phocoena sinus) Vote results
014 WCC-2016-Res-018-EN Toward an IUCN standard classification of the impact of invasive alien species Vote results
015 WCC-2016-Res-019-EN Protection of wild bats from culling programmes Vote results
016 WCC-2016-Rec-100-EN Management and regulation of selective intensive breeding of large wild mammals for commercial purposes Vote results
017 WCC-2016-Res-020-EN Strengthening pathway management of alien species in island ecosystems Vote results
018 WCC-2016-Res-021-EN Monitoring and management of unselective, unsustainable and unmonitored (UUU) fisheries Vote results
019 WCC-2016-Res-022-EN Conservation measures for vultures, including banning the use of veterinary diclofenac Vote results
020 WCC-2016-Res-023-EN Protection for the serranids and syngnathids occurring off the Spanish coasts Vote results
021 WCC-2016-Res-024-EN Supporting the Brazilian Red-Listing process and the conservation of threatened species Vote results
022 WCC-2016-Res-025-EN Recognising, understanding and enhancing the role of indigenous peoples and local communities in tackling the illegal wildlife trade crisis Vote results
023 WCC-2016-Rec-101-EN Improving the conservation and management of the silky shark, the thresher sharks and mobula rays Vote results
024 WCC-2016-Res-026-EN Conservation of intertidal habitats and migratory waterbirds of the East Asian-Australasian Flyway, especially the Yellow Sea, in a global context Vote results
025 WCC-2016-Res-027-EN Strengthening the implementation of the Bern Convention for migratory bird species Vote results
026 WCC-2016-Rec-102-EN Protected areas and other areas important for biodiversity in relation to environmentally damaging industrial activities and infrastructure development Vote results
027 WCC-2016-Res-028-EN Recognising the Centennial of the US National Park Service Vote results
028 WCC-2016-Res-029-EN Incorporating urban dimensions of conservation into the work of IUCN Vote results
029 WCC-2016-Res-030-EN Recognising and respecting the territories and areas conserved by indigenous peoples and local communities (ICCAs) overlapped by protected areas Vote results
030 WCC-2016-Res-031-EN World Parks Congress 2014: The Promise of Sydney Vote results
031 WCC-2016-Res-032-EN Achieving representative systems of protected areas in Antarctica and the Southern Ocean Vote results
032 WCC-2016-Rec-103-EN Establishment, recognition and regulation of the career of park ranger Vote results
033 WCC-2016-Res-096-EN Safeguarding space for nature and securing our future: developing a post-2020 strategy Vote results
034 WCC-2016-Res-033-EN Recognising cultural and spiritual significance of nature in protected and conserved areas Vote results
035 WCC-2016-Res-034-EN Observing protected area norms in the Wild Heart of Europe Vote results
036 WCC-2016-Res-035-EN Transboundary cooperation and protected areas Vote results
037 WCC-2016-Res-036-EN Supporting privately protected areas Vote results
038 WCC-2016-Res-037-EN Harmonising the integrated management of overlapping Ramsar Sites, World Heritage sites, Biosphere Reserves and UNESCO Global Geoparks Vote results
039 WCC-2016-Res-038-EN Establishing an IUCN and World Commission on Protected Areas (WCPA) Task Force on Protected Area Friendly System Vote results
040 WCC-2016-Rec-104-EN Integrating autochthonous forest genetic diversity into protected area conservation objectives Vote results
041 WCC-2016-Rec-105-EN Cooperation between the protected areas of the Guiana Shield and northeastern Amazonia Vote results
042 WCC-2016-Res-039-EN Protected areas as natural solutions to climate change Vote results
043 WCC-2016-Res-040-EN Support for Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) in Africa Vote results
044 WCC-2016-Res-041-EN Identifying Key Biodiversity Areas for safeguarding biodiversity Vote results
045 WCC-2016-Res-042-EN Protection of biodiversity refuge areas in the Atlantic biogeographical region Vote results
046 WCC-2016-Res-043-EN Securing the future for global peatlands Vote results
047 WCC-2016-Res-044-EN Protection, restoration and sustainable use of urban water bodies in India Vote results
048 WCC-2016-Res-045-EN Protection of primary forests, including intact forest landscapes Vote results
048bis WCC-2016-Res-046-EN Assessing the global applicability of the concept of ancient forests as understood in European forest policy and management Vote results
049 WCC-2016-Res-047-EN Advancing conservation and sustainable use of biological diversity in areas beyond national jurisdiction Vote results
050 WCC-2016-Rec-106-EN Cooperation for the conservation and protection of coral reefs worldwide Vote results
051 WCC-2016-Res-048-EN International biofouling Vote results
052 WCC-2016-Res-049-EN Promoting regional approaches to tackle the global problem of marine debris (litter) Vote results
053 WCC-2016-Res-050-EN Increasing marine protected area coverage for effective marine biodiversity conservation Vote results
054 WCC-2016-Res-051-EN Ecological connectivity on the north coast of the Alboran Sea Vote results
055 WCC-2016-Res-052-EN Declaration of Astola Island as a Marine Protected Area Vote results
056 WCC-2016-Res-053-EN Protecting coastal and marine environments from mining waste Vote results
057 WCC-2016-Res-054-EN Protecting the world’s greatest salmon fishery in Bristol Bay, Alaska from large-scale mining Vote results
058 WCC-2016-Res-055-EN Concerns about whaling under special permits Vote results
059 WCC-2016-Res-056-EN IUCN response to the Paris Climate Change Agreement Vote results
060 WCC-2016-Rec-097-EN Pacific region climate resiliency action plan Vote results
061 WCC-2016-Res-057-EN Take greater account of the ocean in the climate regime Vote results
062 WCC-2016-Rec-107-EN Integration of nature-based solutions into strategies to combat climate change Vote results
063 WCC-2016-Res-058-EN Natural Capital Vote results
064 WCC-2016-Res-059-EN IUCN Policy on Biodiversity Offsets Vote results
065 WCC-2016-Res-060-EN Improving standards in ecotourism Vote results
066 WCC-2016-Res-061-EN Mitigating the impacts of oil palm expansion and operations on biodiversity Vote results
067 WCC-2016-Res-062-EN The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: integration of conservation into development Vote results
068 WCC-2016-Res-063-EN Avoiding extinction in limestone karst areas Vote results
069 WCC-2016-Res-064-EN Strengthening cross-sector partnerships to recognise the contributions of nature to health, well-being and quality of life Vote results
070 WCC-2016-Rec-108-EN Financing for biodiversity projects in the European Union’s outermost regions and overseas countries and territories Vote results
071 WCC-2016-Res-065-EN Community Based Natural Resource Management in the State of Hawai'i Vote results
072 WCC-2016-Rec-109-EN Aloha+ Challenge Model for Sustainable Development Vote results
073 WCC-2016-Rec-110-EN Strengthening business engagement in biodiversity preservation Vote results
074 WCC-2016-Res-066-EN Strengthening corporate biodiversity measurement, valuation and reporting Vote results
075 WCC-2016-Res-067-EN Best practice for industrial-scale development projects Vote results
076 WCC-2016-Res-068-EN Prevention, management and resolution of social conflict as a key requirement for conservation and management of ecosystems Vote results
077 WCC-2016-Res-069-EN Defining Nature-based Solutions Vote results
078 WCC-2016-Res-070-EN Crimes against the environment Vote results
079 WCC-2016-Res-071-EN Global Judicial Institute for the Environment Vote results
080 WCC-2016-Res-072-EN Enabling the Whakatane Mechanism to contribute to conservation through securing communities’ rights Vote results
081 WCC-2016-Res-073-EN Investments of development finance institutions: socio-environmental impacts and respect for rights Vote results
082 WCC-2016-Res-074-EN Reinforcing the principle of non-regression in environmental law and policy Vote results
083 WCC-2016-Res-075-EN Affirmation of the role of indigenous cultures in global conservation efforts Vote results
084 WCC-2016-Res-076-EN Improving the means to fight environmental crime Vote results
085 WCC-2016-Res-077-EN Environmental courts and tribunals Vote results
086 WCC-2016-Res-078-EN Supporting implementation of the African Convention on the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources and the African Agenda 2063 Vote results
087 WCC-2016-Res-079-EN Request for an Advisory Opinion of the International Court of Justice on the principle of sustainable development in view of the needs of future generations Vote results
088 WCC-2016-Res-080-EN System of categories for indigenous collective management areas in Central America Vote results
089 WCC-2016-Res-081-EN Humanity's right to a healthy environment Vote results
090 WCC-2016-Res-082-EN A path forward to address concerns over the use of lead ammunition in hunting Vote results
091 WCC-2016-Res-083-EN Conservation of moveable geological heritage Vote results
092 WCC-2016-Res-084-EN Environmental education and how to naturalise the spaces in educational centres for healthy development and a better childhood connection with nature Vote results
093 WCC-2016-Res-085-EN Connecting people with nature globally Vote results
094 WCC-2016-Rec-111-EN Increase resources for biodiversity conservation research Vote results
095 WCC-2016-Res-086-EN Development of IUCN policy on biodiversity conservation and synthetic biology Vote results
096 WCC-2016-Res-087-EN Awareness of connectivity conservation definition and guidelines Vote results
097 WCC-2016-Res-088-EN Safeguarding indigenous lands, territories and resources from unsustainable developments Vote results
098 WCC-2016-Res-089-EN Energy efficiency and renewable energy to promote the conservation of nature Vote results
099 WCC-2016-Rec-112-EN Development of offshore renewable energy and biodiversity conservation Vote results
100 WCC-2016-Res-090-EN Two dams on the Santa Cruz River in Argentina: their impact on an irreplaceable ecosystem and on the hooded grebe (Podiceps gallardoi) population, a Critically Endangered species endemic to Argentina Vote results
101 WCC-2016-Res-091-EN South Atlantic Whale Sanctuary Vote results
102 WCC-2016-Res-092-EN Urging the Congress of the Republic of Peru to shelve permanently the bill that proposes a road that will affect the Alto Purús National Park and other areas Vote results
103 WCC-2016-Res-093-EN Vicuña (Vicugna vicugna) conservation and the illegal trade in its fibre Vote results
104 WCC-2016-Res-094-EN Support for increased conservation effort for Hawai'i’s threatened birds Vote results
105 WCC-2016-Res-095-EN Support for peace and nature in Colombia Vote results
A WCC-2016-Res-003-EN Including regional governments in the structure of the Union Vote results
B WCC-2016-Res-004-EN Including indigenous peoples’ organisations in the structure of the Union Vote results
C WCC-2016-Res-005-EN Election of the IUCN President Vote results
D WCC-2016-Res-006-EN Members’ Assembly’s sole authority to amend the Regulations pertaining to the objectives, nature of the membership and membership criteria (follow-up to decision 22 of the 2012 World Conservation Congress) Vote results
E WCC-2016-Res-007-EN Enhanced practice and reforms of IUCN’s governance Vote results
F WCC-2016-Res-008-EN Proposed amendment to Article 6 of the IUCN Statutes concerning the dues of State and political/economic integration organisation Members adhering to IUCN Vote results