Photo credits

Snow and ice cover on Mount Kilimanjaro in 1993 and 2000 NASA

Drought in India REUTERS

Floods contaminate downtown Franklin, VA with oil Federal Emergency Management Agency

Devastation from extreme river flows, Southeastern USA Federal Emergency Management Agency

Rising water levels in shop in Ndundu, Tanzania IUCN / Olivier Hamerlynck

Sandbags along river dike in Senegal river delta, Mauritania IUCN / Olivier Hamerlynck

Map of flooding risks in the Zambezi river basin USGS / UNDP

Children carrying water in South Africa IUCN South Africa

Sales of goods as local strategy to reduce vulnerability in Cameroon IUCN

Hazard mitigation counseling at a disaster relief center, USA Federal Emergency Management Agency

Planning meeting in Costa Rica IUCN / Rocio Cordoba

GIS operators looking at land use planning in Kampala, Uganda WID, Government of Uganda

Training for water quality monitoring in Mauritania IUCN / Olivier Hamerlynck

Figures IPCC

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