Biodiversity, the next challenge for financial institutions?

A scoping study to assess exposure of financial institutions to biodiversity business risks and identifying options for business opportunities

Ivo Mulder

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ISBN-10: 978-2-8317-0994-9
DOI: 10.2305/IUCN.CH.2007.11.en

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Business and Biodiversity Programme

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Executive summary

1. Introduction

2. Biodiversity loss: a growing relevance for the private sector

3. The business case for biodiversity for financial institutions from a risk perspective

4. Assessing biodiversity business risks for commercial banks, asset managers and insurers

5. A general procedure to account for biodiversity risks

6. Biodiversity business opportunities

7. Conclusions

8. Recommendations


Annex I: Companies and experts consulted

Annex II: Environmental rating systems and benchmarks

Annex IIIa: Questionnaire for financial institutions

Annex IIIb: Questionnaire for other stakeholders