Annex I: Companies and experts consulted

Interview survey: All companies and organizations were surveyed through telephone conversations, unless otherwise stated.

Financial Institutions (FIs) Contact
1. ABN AMRO, Banco Real (Brazil) Christopher Wells, Cristiane Ronza
2. ASN Bank (Netherlands) Piet Sprengers
3. Barclays (UK) Chris Bray
4. F&C Asset Management (UK) Robert Barrington
5. Christian Brothers Investment Services (USA) Julie Tanner
6. Fortis (Netherlands) Maria Anne van Dijk
7. Goldman Sachs (USA/UK) Sarah Forrest, Marc Fox
8. Henderson Investmentvvv (UK) Mark Campanale
9. International Finance Corporation (USA) Juan Jose Dada
10. Rabobank (Netherlands) Bart-Jan Krouwel, Hans Biemans
11. Royal Bank of Canada (Canada) Nelson Switzer
12. WestLB (Germany) Foster Deibert, Marcus Rehm
Other stakeholders Contact
1. Alcoa John Gardner
2. BankTrack Johan Frijns
3. CERES Chris Fox
4. Conservation International (CI) Assheton Carter
5. Earthwatch Institute Chris Perceval
6. Fauna and Flora International Annelisa Grigg
7. Friends of the Earth (FOE) Michelle Chan-Fishel
8. Hoi Ping Ventures/ASrIA Alexandra Tracy
9. International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) Andrew Parsons
10. Philanthropy capital Bernard Mercer
11. Rio Tinto David Richards
12. The Nature Conservancy (TNC) Josh Knights
13. World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD) James Griffiths

Other experts (consulted during September 2006–February 2007)

1. World Conservation Union (IUCN, Pakistan) Bhim Adhikari
2. Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) Nicolas Bertrand
3. Shell Deric Quaile
4. UNDP Philipp Kauffmann
5. CREM Wijnand Broer
6. UNEP FI Heidi Mayhew
7. INCAE Edgar Rojas
8. Swiss Government Julien Haarman
9. De Vermogensmeesters IJs van Leijen

vvv Questions were answered by means of e-mail.

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