Annex IIIb: Questionnaire for other stakeholders

The last decade has witnessed an emergence of tools, best-management guidelines, indices and benchmarks that aim to encourage the corporate world, including the financial services sector, to take account of social, environmental and governance issues. A large number of these tools and guidelines address aspects such as climate change, waste and energy use.The issue of biodiversity, however, has only recently started to be addressed. This project aims, at first, to review those tools that aim to incorporate biodiversity issues into the business operations of a financial institution (FI). In addition, this questionnaire aims to identify the motivations, needs, gaps and opportunities for FIs to address biodiversity.

  1. What toolkits, best-management practice guidelines, indices, etc are you familiar with that try to incorporate biodiversity issues into the strategy, operations and/or activities of companies in the financial services sector?

  1. Is there a business case for “biodiversity” (or ecosystem services) from a FI perspective?

  1. What knowledge gaps are there, which deserve particular attention (i.e. what issues have so far insufficiently been dealt with)?

  1. In your opinion, what would be the ideal characteristics of a tool with which banks can be screened on addressing biodiversity at various stages of a company's business operation?

  1. What articles, other documents or websites would you suggest to consult?

  2. What are key information sources in this field that you suggest? What other experts would you suggest to consult?

Thank you very much for your cooperation and support. A copy of the final report will be send to you! Ivo Mulder (

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