Financial support for this work was generously provided by the Alcoa Foundation, through their Alcoa Practitioner Fellowship programme, and by Alterra, a research institute in the Netherlands and part of Wageningen University and Research Centre. The author is indebted to many people who have provided support throughout the project. Foremost, I would like to thank Dr Joshua Bishop, senior advisor Economics & Environment at IUCN, for his generous and continuous support throughout the entire project. I would also like to thank Herbert Diemont and Gert-Jan Nabuurs for providing financial support for this project, as well as commenting on draft versions.

This report has greatly benefited from helpful comments on the final draft version by Annelisa Grigg of Fauna & Flora International (FFI), Nicolas Bertrand of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD),Wijnand Broer of CREM, Barend van Bergen, KPMG/ WBCSD, and Heidi Mayhew, formerly with UNEP FI. Thank you very much!

Other people who have provided support to this work in various ways include: Mohammad Rafiq, Jeff McNeely, Andrea Athanas, Giulia Carbone, Bhim Adhikari, all IUCN; Assheton Carter, Conservation International; Kerry ten Kate, Forest Trends; Hans Biemans, Rabobank; Josh Knights, The Nature Conservancy; Deric Quaile, Shell; Edgar Rojas, consultant for INCAE; Julien Haarman, formerly with UNEP Finance Initiative; IJs van Leijen, de Vermogensmeesters; Arnold van Vliet and Dolf de Groot, Foundation for Sustainable Development (FSD); and Phillip Kauffmann, formerly with UNDP.

This publication has been made possible by IUCN. The author takes full responsibility of any errors in the text.

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