Managing water across boundaries

Edited by
Claudia Sadoff, Thomas Greiber,
Mark Smith and Ger Bergkamp

Published by:
UICN, Gland, Switzerland

DOI: 10.2305/IUCN.CH.2008.WANI.5.en
ISBN: 978-2-8317-1029-7

Design by:
Melanie Kandelaars

Printed by:
Atar Roto Presse SA


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Chapter 1 Overview of the World's Shared Water Resources

Chapter 2 Why Share? The Benefits (and Costs) of Transboundary Water Management

Chapter 3 Stakeholders in Benefit Sharing and the Management Process

Chapter 4 Legal Frameworks for Transboundary Cooperation

Chapter 5 Institutions for Transboundary Basins

Chapter 6 Implementing Cooperative Transboundary Water Management

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