Future of Sustainability Initiative

Project Coordinator and Writer: Sally Jeanrenaud, IUCN

Senior Consultant and Lead Author: Bill Adams, University of Cambridge


Christensen Fund

Ford Foundation

International Institute for Environment and Development


United Nations Environment Programme

WWF International

The IUCN Future of Sustainability project was catalysed by the President and the IUCN Council of 2005–2008.

IUCN would like to thank the many people who have helped shape the project between 2006–2008, including the 460 participants from 70 countries in its e-discussion Forum: The Future of Sustainability: Have your say! Special thanks go to the following for their participation in the IUCN Sustainability Forums; their active support of the initiative; or for their comments on the current text:

Grethel Aguilar Rojas; Nobutoshi Akao; Odeh Al Jayyousi; Juan Marco Álvarez; Steve Bass; Tom Bigg; Rubens Harry Born; Lester Brown; Susan Brown; Purificació Canals; Marion Cheatle; Munyaradzi Chenje; Angela Cropper; Barbara Dubach; Holly Dublin; Silvia Earle; Pablo Farias; Alistair Gammell; Mark Halle; Robert Hofstede; Lynn Holowesko; Maria Ivanova; Javed Jabbar; Bill Jackson; Jean-Paul Jeanrenaud; Aban Marker Kabraji; David Kaimowitz; Ashok Khosla; Jim Leape; Marcus Lee; Gabriel Lopez; Nik Lopoukhine; Hillary Masundire; Catherine McMullen; Jeff McNeely; Brenden Mackey; Patrick M'Mayi; Cláudio Carrera Maretti; Juan Martinez-Alier; Julia Marton-Lefèvre; Christine Milne; Russ Mittermeier; Mark Moody Stewart; Valli Moosa; Mohan Munasinghe;James Murombedzi; Aimé Nianogo; Manfred Niekisch; Dumisani Nyoni; Thierry de Oliveira; Mark Radka; Carlos Manuel Rodriguez; Muriel Saragoussi; David Satterthwaite; Zohir Sekkal; Diane Shand; Fulai Sheng; Gordon Shepherd; Jane Smart; Monthip Sriatana Tabucanon; Achim Steiner; Francis Sullivan; Ibrahim Thiaw; Ton Boon von Ochssée; Ken Wilson; Alexey Yablokov; Mohammad Yunus; Lu Zhi.

Contributions to this text are gratefully acknowledged from: Steve Bass, Marion Cheatle, Juan Martinez-Alier, David Satterthwaite, Francis Sullivan and Ken Wilson.

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