RULE was developed by IUCN's Environmental Law Centre (ELC) under the IUCN Water and Nature Initiative (WANI), with a view to improving water governance arrangements at the national level by way of enhancing the capacities of water managers to deal with legal and policy issues.

Many individuals provided advice and help to the authors and editors of this book in the form of feedback, case studies and personal experiences. We are grateful for their time and assistance. In particular, we would like to thank Mark Smith, Head of the IUCN Water Programme for his invaluable direction and guidance in the process of developing this publication.

Thanks are also due to Ger Bergkamp, former Head of the IUCN Water Programme, now Director General of the World Water Council, as a continual source of inspiration during the development of the book. We also wish to thank Juan Carlos Sánchez, Junior Legal Officer at the ELC, and Megan Cartin, Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, IUCN Water Programme, for their unstinting assistance in the editorial process, and the preparation of this book.

We are grateful to Olga Buendía, former ELC Water Governance and Research and Development Officer for her contribution in coordinating this project in its initial stage, and assembling the first draft. We also thank Mary Paden and Tiina Rajamets for editorial support. We also thank Markus Kahlenberg of Magoodesign for work on figures 1.1 and 5.1.

Finally, the financial contribution of the Government of the Netherlands through the Water and Nature Initiative is gratefully acknowledged.

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