This work has also benefited from thoughtful comments and substantive contributions from the many individuals listed below. Christina Sander provided a vital service in pulling together the various reports from the WCC Forum and helped to compile some of the relevant literature. Deborah Murith, Stephanie Achard and Cindy Craker were instrumental in producing this publication.

Lorena Aguilar

Annelie Fincke

Steve Osofsky

David Allen

Kristina Gjerde

Gonzalo Oviedo

Neville Ash

James Gordon

Georgina Peard

Andrea Athanas

Sarah Gotheil

Sonia Pena Moreno

Tim Badman

Marc Hockings

Jean-Yves Pirot

Patrick Blandin

Geoffrey Howard

George Rabb

Josh Bishop

David Huberman

Pedro Rosabal Gonzales

Intu Boedhihartono

Ninni Ikkala

Christina Sander

Maria Ana Borges

IUCN CEL Ethics Specialist Group

Adel Sasvari

Guido Broekhoven

Alejandro Iza

Jeffrey Sayer

Tom Brooks

Bill Jackson

Sara Scherr

Ximena Buitron

Sally Jeanrenaud

David Sheppard

Giulia Carbone

Nik Lopoukhine

Kevin Smith

Eric Chivian

Nadine McCormick

Mark Smith

Katherine Cross

Patti Moore

Jerker Tamerlander

Will Darwall

Roland Melisch

Claire Warmenbol

Jonathan Davies

Russ Mittermeier

Elizabeth Willetts

Saskia de Koning

Teresa Mulliken

Jean-Christophe Vié

Joao de Queiroz

James Oliver

Xie Yan

Nigel Dudley

Samira Omar

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