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The following NEGOTIATE case studies are available in full on the IUCN water website: www.iucn.org/about/work/programmes/water/resources/toolkits/negotiate

Learning to listen – government openness to work with community members resolves decades of conflict over waste water treatment in Coffs Harbour, Australia
Pam Allan, Macquarie University, Australia

Negotiations for an Agreement on Sustainable Water Management in the Danube Basin
Catherine Ashcraft, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States

South Florida Everglades Restoration
Catherine Ashcraft, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States

Using Companion Modelling to level the playing field and influence more equitable water allocation in northern Thailand
Cécile Barnaud, Paris X-Nanterre University, France, Panomsak Promburom, Chiang Mai University, Thailand, and Guy Trébuil and François Bousquet, CIRAD, France

Using Structured Decision Making in Collaborative Planning Processes for Better Water Management – An Innovative Approach to Water Use Planning in British Columbia, Canada
Lee Failing and Graham Long, Compass Resource Management, Canada

A Multi-Stakeholder Platform to solve a conflict over a Water and Sanitation Project in Tiquipaya, Bolivia
Vladimir Cossio, Centro AGUA, UMSS, Bolivia

Experience of a process leading to integration of the actors in a watershed committee in the Cara Sucia-San Pedro Belén hydrographic region in the department of Ahuachapán, El Salvador
Nicolás Atilio Méndez Granados, and Maritza Guido Martínez, IUCN BASIM Project, El Salvador

Interlinking of Rivers in India: Dialogue and Negotiations by National Civil Society Committee.
Biksham Gujja, WWF International, Switzerland

Sharing Irrigation Water in Bhutan: Companion Modeling for Conflict Resolution and Promoting Collective Management
Tayan Raj Gurung, Aita Kumar Bhujel and Gyenbo Dorji, Renewable Natural Resources Research Center, Bhutan, François Bousquet and Guy Trébuil, CIRAD, France

From “No Dams!” to “No Bad Dams!” Nepal's Engagement with the World Commission on Dams' Report.
Dipak Gyawali, Nepal Water Conservation Foundation, Nepal

How the Weak Prevailed – Nepali Activists Engaging the World Bank over Arun-3
Dipak Gyawali, Nepal Water Conservation Foundation, Nepal

Community-Based Approaches to Conflict Management – Umatilla County Critical Groundwater Areas
Todd Jarvis, Oregon State University, United States

Building Shared Understanding – Use of Role Playing Games and Computer Simulations to negotiate improved water management in the Republic of Kiribati
Natalie Jones, Australian National University, Australia

Strengthening Regional Consultation and Coordination of the SASS Aquifer
Kerstin Mechlem, Transitional Justice Institute, University of Ulster, Ireland

Negotiation Processes in Institutionalizing Grassroots Level Water Governance: Case of Self Employed Women's Association, Gujarat, India
Smita Mishra Panda, Human Development Foundation, India

The Challenge of International Watercourse Negotiations in the Aral Sea Basin
Richard Kyle Paisley, University of British Columbia, Canada

Negotiating our way through Livelihoods and Ecosystems: The Bhima River Basin Experience
Vijay Paranjpye and Parineeta Dandekar, Gomukh Environmental Trust for Sustainable Development, India

Mekong River Basin, Agreement & Commission Case Study
George E. Radosevich, RAD International, Thailand

Tarim River Basin Case Study
George E. Radosevich, RAD International, Thailand

Integrated Water Resources Management in Four Pilot Microwatersheds in San Marcos, Guatemala
Ottoniel Rivera Mazariegos and Nora Herrera Illescas, IUCN Tacana Project, Guatemala

Ok Tedi and Fly River negotiation over compensation: Using the mutual gains approach in multiparty negotiations
Barbara Sharp and Tim Offor, OfforSharp, Australia

Multistakeholder Platforms and Negotiation: The case of Kat River Valley Catchment Management Forum
Eliab Simpungwe, Limpopo Department of Agriculture, South Africa

Visioning on the future of the rivers Scheldt and Waal
Jeroen Warner,Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Komadugu Yobe Basin: A Case Study of Participatory Water Charter Development for Sustainable and Equitable Management of Water Resources
D. K. Yawson, H.G. Ilallah and I.J. Goldface-Irokalibe, IUCN-Komadugu Yobe Basin Project, Nigeria and Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria

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