NEGOTIATE is a product of many people from around the world, and aims to reflect diverse views and experience. NEGOTIATE includes cases of water negotiations at different levels and scales from Africa, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Australia and Europe. More detail, and more case studies are available on the IUCN Water website ( We would like to thank all who responded to the call for contributions.

Ger Bergkamp had a major influence on the shape of this book which we are grateful for. Others from the past and current WANI team we thank are Alejandro Iza, Kelly West, Rocio Cordoba, Daniel Yawson, Kate Lazarus and Qin Liyi.

Dipak Gyawali and Louis Lebel both made special and important contributions to development of NEGOTIATE, forcing the Editors to justify their choices.

We also thank Mary Jane Real, Tim Cullen, Danielle Hirsch, Louis Lebel, Richard Kyle Paisley, George Radosevich, Jeroen Warner and Jim Woodhill, who all provided reviews of chapters and the ideas which thread the book.

The Editors would like to give special thanks to Megan Cartin and Magali Rouaud for their support and persistence in finalizing NEGOTIATE and preparing it for publication.

Finally, we gratefully acknowledge the financial contribution to the production of this book provided by the Government of The Netherlands through the Water and Nature Initiative.

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