It is my pleasure to present this book Addressing the Problems of Access: Protecting Sources, While Giving Users Certainty, written by Jorge Cabrera Medaglia and Christian López Silva, which is published as IUCN Environmental Policy and Law Paper (EPLP) No. 67/1. This book represents an important contribution to the body of ABS scholarship currently available, and is provided at a critical time in the development of ABS as a functional concept. The IUCN EPLP series dates back to 1972, and has through 35 years maintained a high standard of legal scholarship and quality outputs.

The ABS Series, which includes this book, is the first “sub-series” within the EPLP series, designed in this way to maximize the usefulness and accessibility of these writings to the broad range of participants addressing the ABS challenge at both national and international levels. We believe that this Series offers a real contribution that will enable progress on an issue which has, to now, been stymied both by its complexity and by its controversial nature. It is only through the understanding of those complexities that consensus and useful compromise can be attained that will resolve the controversies and enable a functional system for achieving the all-important equity objective of the Convention on Biological Diversity.

Dr. Alejandro Iza
IUCN Environmental Law Centre
June, 2007

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