Through the long process of creating this book, we have been assisted in a variety of ways, both substantive and practical, by a number of knowledgeable and helpful sources. It is not possible to fully describe all such assistance; however, it is essential at least to recognize it and express our gratitude to those who made the most significant contributions of time and effort. Accordingly, we want to thank the following people for their active assistance: Ann DeVoy, Project Assistant of IUCN's Environmental Law Centre, who has provided a strong and supporting hand to our work from its inception, and her colleagues Anni Lukács, Monica Pacheco-Fabig, Jil Self, who also provided critical services quickly and cheerfully; Tiina Rajamets for proofreading and other advice; and Daniel Klein, who has served as the focal point of the Project since he joined IUCN's Environmental Law Centre in August, 2006.

In terms of the legal and political substance of this book, we obtained information, advice and suggestions from many sources. We are particularly grateful for peer review provided by Manuel Ruiz and Fernando Casas, and for substantive input and comments from: Françoise Burhenne-Guilmin, Jorge Caillaux, Grethe H. Evjen, Ute Feit, John Herity, Sarah Hernandez, Timothy Hodges, Birthe Ivars, Olivier Jalvert, Veit Koester, Horst Korn, Ikechi Mgbeoji, Valerie Normand, Dan Ogolla, Maria Julia Oliva, François Pithoud, Peter Johan Schei, Sezanneh M. Seymour, Caroline Strulik and Seizo Sumida.

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