Publications of the ABS Project

EPLP N° 54

Accessing Biodiversity and Sharing the Benefits: Lessons from Implementing the Convention on Biological Diversity
Edited by Santiago Carrizosa, Stephen B. Brush, Brian D. Wright and Patrick E. McGuire, 2004
Also available in Chinese (2006)

EPLP N° 57

Explanatory Guide to the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture
Gerald Moore and Witold Tymowski, 2005
Also available in French (2008) and in Spanish (2008)

The ABS Series

EPLP 67, N° 1

Addressing the Problem of Access: Protecting Sources while Giving Users Certainty
Jorge Cabrera Medaglia and Christian López Silva, 2007
Also available in French (2008) and in Spanish (2008)

EPLP 67, N° 2

Beyond Access: Exploring Implementation of the Fair and Equitable Sharing Commitment in the CBD
Morten Walløe Tvedt and Tomme Young, 2007
Also available in French (2009) and in Spanish (2008)

EPLP 67, N° 3

A Moving Target: Genetic Resources and Options for Tracking and Monitoring their International Flows
Manuel Ruiz and Isabel Lapeña, editors 2007
Also available in French (2009) and in Spanish (2009)

EPLP 67, N° 4

Contracting for ABS: the Legal and Scientific Implications of Bioprospecting Contracts
Shakeel Bhatti, Santiago Carrizosa, Patrick McGuire and Tomme Young, editors, 2009

EPLP 67, N° 5

Covering ABS: Addressing the Need for Sectoral, Geographical, Legal and International Integration in the ABS Regime
Tomme Young editor, 2009

Translations of The ABS Series into French and Spanish are forthcoming. The project continues to seek funds and other support for translation of the books into other languages. Interested persons and organizations may contact the Environmental Law Centre for more information:

IUCN Environmental Law Centre
Godesberger Allee 108-112
53175 Bonn

A wider range of publications from the Environmental Law Centre can be found online:

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