The editors and authors of this book wish to express our gratitude to those who made the most significant contributions to its completion and substantive correctness. Among these, we are grateful for information, documents, research, and other inputs from and for substantive input and comments from Jorge Cabrera Medaglia, Jorge Caillaux, Fernando Casas, Carlos Correa, Jose Esquinas Alcazar, Valerie Etim, Ute Feit, José Carlos Fernández Ugalde, Jagath Gunawaredena, Francis Gurry, John Herity, Sarah Hernandez, Timothy Hodges, Olivier Jalvert, Ted James, Nancy Kgengenyane, Richard Kjeldgaard, Bernard LeBuanec, Robert Lettington, Ikechi Mgbeoji, Phyllida Middlemiss, Gerald Moore, Valerie Normand, Dan Ogalla, Maria Julia Oliva, Alberto Parenti, François Pythoud, Preeti Ramdasi, Manuel Ruiz, Sezanneh M. Seymour, Clive Stannard, Caroline Strulik, Seizo Sumida, Antony Taubman, and Morten Walløe Tvedt.

We are also grateful to the numerous commercial, academic, and other persons and entities who shared contractual examples, models, forms, and other information about the ‘true-life’ use of contracts in ABS.

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