The provenance of these works, having spread over more than five years, presents a challenge to the author, in listing acknowledgements. Without slight to persons not mentioned, there are several contributions which must be specially mentioned.

First, other authors whose articles are reproduced here are of the highest calibre in their respective disciplines and countries. All worked for significantly less than their normal professional fees in producing these publications. Despite the demands of peer review and a very exacting editorial inquiry, all were available, helpful and not very testy in response to my frequent requests for additional clarifications or corrections. In the face of these requests, their responses were kind and constructive. In the end, all benefited from these exchanges, and these papers are the better for them. This is all the more praiseworthy when it is noted that these papers and articles were each produced first for a particular event, so that they have been through two or three separate review and re-edit processes, spaced very widely apart. The primary author offers her sincerest thanks for their excellent and insightful work.

In addition, much of the Project's most detailed analysis that is reproduced in this book was commissioned with additional funding and other support through:

The assistance, motivation and other contributions of these individuals and their respective organizations have been unstinting and universally excellent and helpful.

Similar contributions from IUCN's Regional Office for Southern Africa, UNDP's Regional Office for Africa, and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Secretariat, as well as the fellowship programme of the Humboldt Foundation have been significant.

Finally, although certain important contributors of information, experience and knowledge must be omitted at their request, contributions from the following peer reviewers and others were less direct, but no less valuable:

Shakeel Bhatti, Dr Charlotte Briede, Matthias Buck, Jorge Cabrera Medaglia, Jorge Caillaux, Claudiane Chevalier, Kate Davis Hodges, Andreas Drewes, Thomas Dux, José Carlos Fernández-Ugalde, George Greene, Imene Meliane, Kent Nnadozie, Nicola Notaro, Laurent Ntauga, Paul Oldam, François Pithoud, Tom Rotherham, Peter Schei, Caroline Strulik, Seizo Sumida, Krystina Swiderska, Prof. David VanderZwaag, Morten Walløe Tvedt and Jacob Werksman.

Tomme Rosanne Young
March, 2008

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