Part II Regional and Other Coordinated Interests

Reportedly, the regional approach was not originally considered to be a part of the CBD. In the ensuing years, regional action has increasingly been recognized as a reasonable approach to enable countries to implement highly technical and science-oriented commitments. A number of regions have taken or proposed actions relevant to genetic resources, including ASEAN, the Andean Pact, the African Union, and many others. The ABS Project's work has taken interest in the topic, but was not able to address regional work broadly. The following chapters reprint key work focused on Africa, seeking to identify in particular the manner in which ABS issues are addressed in the SADC region, and also to inquire whether there are special concerns for countries with low levels of diversity, many of which have high percentages of endemic species. Although these chapters focus on Africa, many islands, polar areas, deserts and other regions also may have unique concerns arising from their low diversity and high endemism.

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