Various drafts of this Guide were circulated three different times to a broad selection of interested parties covering a range of agricultural or biodiversity issues and positions, including at least 28 from national governments, 21 from intergovernmental bodies, and 24 from non-governmental organizations. The authors would like to acknowledge the contributions of the following people who provided (verbal or written) comments and other information relevant to the preparation of this Guide:

Regine Andersen; Larry Christy; David Cooper; Kate Davis; Jade Donavanik; Jan Engels; José Esquinas-Alcázar; Brad Fraleigh; George Greene; Michael Halewood; Robert Lettington; Leslie Lipper; Christian Lopez-Silva; Daniele Manzella; Ali Mekouar; Haruko Okusu; Alfred Oteng-Yeboah; Elpidio Peria; Francois Pythoud; Clive Stannard; Martin Eric Smith; Nuria Urquia; Morten Walløe Tvedt; and Tomme Young.

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