Article 25 – Signature

This Treaty shall be open for signature at the FAO from 3 November 2001 to 4 November 2002 by all Members of FAO and any States that are not Members of FAO but are Members of the United Nations, or any of its specialized agencies or of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

In many treaties, as in this Treaty, the process of giving initial consent is provided for by the act of signature. Article 25 states that the Treaty will be open for signature for one year. The Resolution approving the text of the Treaty was adopted by the FAO Conference on 3 November 2001. In general, a State's signature on a treaty does not signify its consent to be bound by the treaty, unless the treaty in question so specifies. The Treaty of course, indicates in Article 28 that it will enter into force only after ratification, acceptance, approval or accession. By signing a treaty, however, a State does agree to refrain from acts “which would defeat the object and purpose of the treaty,” until it has made clear its intention not to become a treaty party (see Article 18 of the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties). In the case of the Treaty, the objectives are set out in Article 1.

The list of States that are entitled to sign the Treaty is drawn from the so-called Vienna formula. In this case, however the first reference is to Members of FAO, rather than to Member Nations of FAO, to allow for signature by the EC as a Member Organization of FAO. However, non-FAO Member Nations, such as Russia, may also sign the Treaty.

After the end of the time period in which the text is open for signature, the States wishing to participate in the Treaty have to follow the procedure of accession provided in Article 27.

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