This Action Plan could not have been produced without the assistance of a large number of people. In addition to those who provided significant input to the document and whose names are listed on the title page, we are grateful to other members of the IUCN/SSC Primate Specialist Group and to members of other Specialist Groups. Special thanks are due Simon Stuart and Linette Humphrey of the IUCN Species Conservation Programme for their comments in the early and final stages of the editing process.

Implementation of the Action Plan will be carried out by the following Malagasy agencies, institutions and ministries in collaboration with a variety of international partners: the National Environment Office (ONE), the National Association for the Management of Protected Areas (ANGAP), the Ministry of Water and Forests (MPAEF), the Ministry of Universities, the Ministry of Scientific Research and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The compilers take full responsibility for the content of this Action Plan. Anyone interested in helping to support its implementation can contact them at the following addresses:

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