An Action Plan for their Conservation

Edited by
Pat Foster-Turley, Sheila Macdonald, and Chris Mason




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1. Introduction and Overall Recommendations

2. An Introduction to the Otters

3. Surveys

4. Threats

5. Implementing Conservation Strategies

6. Otters in Captivity

7. Reintroductions

8. Action Plan for Sea Otters

9. Action Plan for European Otters

10. Action Plan for African Otters

11. Action Plan for Asian Otters

12. Action Plan for Latin American Otters

13. Action Plan for North American Otters

14. Conclusions and Priorities for Otter Conservation

Appendix 1: Cites Otter Identification Sheets

Appendix 2: Acknowledgements

Appendix 3: Members of the IUCN/SSC Otter Specialist Group 1988–1990 Triennium

Appendix 4: List of Photos and Figures. (photos Appear in Bold Type.)