The preparation of this report would not have been possible without the voluntary contributions of a large number of people, both AfESG members and non-members, who provided information and data through reports, maps, questionnaire replies and personal communications. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to the following people: Jeremy Anderson, George Angelides, Peter Bechtel, Roy Bhima, Elphas Bitok, Steve Blake, Philippe Bouché, David Brugière, Susan Canney, Michael Chase, Emmanuel Danquah, Pauwel de Wachter, Yirmed Demeke, David Edderai, Lori Eggert, Atanga Ekobo, David Erickson, Mike Fay, Charles and Lara Foley, Jean-Marc Foment, Howard Frederick, Michelle Gadd, Marion Garaï, Debbie Gibson, Maryke Gray, Melissa Groo, Elie Hakizumwami, Joe Heffernan, Pavla Hejcmanová, Emmanuel Hema, Kes Hillman Smith, Richard Hoare, Bernd Hoppe-Dominik, Nigel Hunter, Tim Jackson, Christine Jost, José Kalpers, Michael Keigwin, Abel Khumalo, Willy Knocker, Holger Kolberg, Sally Lahm, Richard Lamprey, Kelly Landen, Josephine Langley, Stephanie Latour, Claire Lewis, Dale Lewis, Pauline Lindeque, Keith Lindsay, Sebastien Luhunu, Fiona Maisels, Dolmia Malachie, Issa Abdou Malam, Honori Maliti, Jimmiel Mandima, Michel Mantheakis, Malik Marjan, Rowan Martin, Geoffroy Mauvais, Bakari Mbano, Alastair McNeilage, Simon Mduma, Emmanuel Mve Mebia, Ludovic Momont, Robert Morley, Cynthia Moss, David Moyer, Leonard Mubalama, Louisa Mupetami, Ken Mwathe, Awo Nandjui, Anthony Nchifu, Leo Niskanen, Edison Nuwamanya, Zacharie Nzooh, Luke Ojok, Patrick Omondi, Andy Plumptre, Michal Polanski, Joyce Poole, Henrik Rasmussen, Mickey Reilly, Janna Rist, Aggrey Rwetsiba, Moses Sam, Richard Sambolah, Tony Sánchez Ariño, Lamine Sebogo, Riziki Shemdoe, Hezy Shoshani, Hopeson Simwanza, Brice Sinsin, PJ Stephenson, Jamison Suter, Cyril Taolo, Russell Taylor, Andrea Turkalo, Elsabé Van der Westhuizen, Hilde Vanleeuwe, Fred Wanyama and Ian Whyte.

We are especially grateful to Debbie Gibson and Fiona Maisels for reviewing parts of the manuscript and for providing valuable comments and suggestions. We did not always follow their advice, and any errors that remain are entirely our own. We are also deeply indebted to Mary Rigby for her tireless ‘labour of love’ in maintaining the African Elephant Library, to Lynne Mansure for her keen editorial eye and to Gene Eckhart for the cover photograph.

This report was produced with financial assistance from the United Kingdom Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, the Forestry Bureau of Taiwan's Council for Agriculture, The United States Fish and Wildlife Service and the European Commission. Our sincere gratitude goes to them for their support.

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