Appendix IV Acronyms & Abbreviations

AED African Elephant Database
AERP Amboseli Elephant Research Project (Kenya)
AESR African Elephant Status Report
AfESG African Elephant Specialist Group
AfRSG African Rhino Specialist Group
ARF Assessed Range Fraction
AS Aerial Sample Count
AT Aerial Total Count
AVIGREF Associations villageoises pour la gestion des réserves de faune (Benin)
BGP Big Game Parks of Swaziland
BR Biosphere Reserve
BtR Botanical Reserve
CA Conservation Area
CAR Central African Republic
CARPE Central African Regional Program for the Environment
CBFP Congo Basin Forest Partnership
CcA Concession Area
CEESP Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy
CF Classified Forest
CFA Central Africa Franc
CHA Controlled Hunting Area
CI Confidence interval
CIMU Conservation Information and Monitoring Unit (Tanzania)
CITES Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora
CL Confidence limit
CMS Convention on Migratory Species
COMIFAC Conference of Ministers in Charge of Forests in Central Africa
CR Community Reserve
CRF Continental Range Fraction
DA Different Area
DC Dung Count
DD Data Degraded
DEFRA Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (United Kingdom)
DFPN Direction de la Faune et des Parcs Nationaux (Cameroon)
DNFFB Direcção Nacional de Florestas e Fauna Bravia (Mozambique)
DRC Democratic Republic of Congo
DRSRS Department of Resource Surveys and Remote Sensing (Kenya)
DRWG Data Review Working Group
DT Different Technique
DWNP Department of Wildlife and National Parks (Botswana)
EC Elephant Corridor
ECOPAS Ecosystèmes Protégés en Afrique Sahélienne (West Africa)
ECOWAS Economic Community of West African States
ELESMAP Southern African Elephant Survey and Monitoring Programme
EMOA Elephant Management and Owners Association (South Africa)
ES Elephant Sanctuary
ESRI Environmental Systems Research Institute
EWCO Ethiopia Wildlife Conservation Organization
FFR Fauna and Flora Reserve
FnR Faunal Reserve
FR Forest Reserve
GD Genetic Dung Count
GEMS Global Environment Monitoring System
GIS Geographical Information System
GMA Game Management Area
GmR Game Ranch
GP Game Park
GPR Game Production Reserve
GR Game Reserve
GRID Global Resource Information Database
GS Ground Sample Count
GS Game Sanctuary
GT Ground Total Count
HA Hunting Area
HR Hunting Reserve
HZ Hunting Zone
IFR Integral Forest Reserve
IG Informed Guess
INDEFOR National Institute for Forestry Development (Equatorial Guinea)
INR Integral Nature Reserve
IQI Information Quality Index
IR Individual registration
IUCN The World Conservation Union
JICA Japan International Cooperation Agency
KAZA TFCA Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area (Southern Africa)
LAT Latitude
LON Longitude
MET Ministry of Environment and Tourism (Namibia)
MIKE Monitoring the Illegal Killing of Elephants
NA New Analysis
NF National Forest
NG New Guess
NGO Non-Governmental Organization
NlR National Reserve
NM Natural Monument
NNR National Nature Reserve
NP National Park
NP New Population
NPe (National Park Extension)
NPWMA National Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimbabwe)
NR Nature Reserve
NRCC Natural Resources Conservation Council
NS National Sanctuary
OG Other Guess
ORNL/GIST Geographic Information Science and Technology Group at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (United States of America)
PAGEN Partenariat pour l'Amélioration de la Gestion des Ecosystèmes Naturels (Burkina Faso)
pers. comm. Personal communication
PF Probable Fraction
PFR Partial Faunal Reserve
PFS Priority for Future Surveys
PGR Private Game Reserve
Pk Park
PL Population Lost
PNE Protected Natural Environment
PNR Private Nature Reserve
PR Partial Reserve
PrP Presidential Park
PRP Percentage Relative Precision
PrR Presidential Reserve
PvR Private Reserve
Quest. reply Questionnaire reply
RA Recreation Area
RC Reserve Complex
RDBMS Relational database management system
RNP Regional Nature Park
RP Recreation Park
RS Repeat survey
RyNP Royal National Park
SA Safari Area
SANParks South African National Parks
SF State Forest
SNR Strict Nature Reserve
SNTC Swaziland National Trust Commission
SR Special Reserve
SSC Species Survival Commission
Sty Sanctuary
TAWIRI Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute
TFCA Transfrontier Conservation Area
TFR Total Faunal Reserve
TRIDOM Dja-Odzala-Minkébé Tri-National Park
UNEP United Nations Environment Programme
UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
USFWS United States Fish and Wildlife Service
WA Wilderness Area
WCA Wildlife Conservation Area
WCMC World Conservation Monitoring Centre
WCS Wildlife Conservation Society (United States of America)
WP Wetland Park
WR Wildlife Reserve
WS WWF Wildlife Sanctuary World Wide Fund for Nature

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