WCC 2016 Res 046

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Conference type: 
World Conservation Congress
Year / Conference: 
2016 Hawai'i
English title: 
Assessing the global applicability of the concept of ancient forests as understood in European forest policy and management
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French title: 
Évaluer la mesure dans laquelle le concept de forêts anciennes tel qu’il est compris dans la politique européenne sur les forêts et leur gestion est universellement applicable
Spanish title: 
Evaluación de la aplicabilidad a nivel mundial del concepto de bosques antiguos como se entiende en la política y la gestión forestales europeas
Spanish file: 
Áreas protegidas
Cambio climático
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WCC 2016 Res 046 - Activity Report 2018 IUCN Secretariat IUCN Washington DC Office The GFCCP has made inquiries regarding the implementation of this resolution to the IUCN Europe office as well as to IUCN’s French Committee (the later registered as focal point for reporting and foll