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Wild life, wild livelihoods

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Wild life, wild livelihoods : involving communities in sustainable wildlife management and combatting the illegal wildlife trade
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This report synthesizes insights and lessons from decades of experience in community wildlife management (CWM), supplementing this with insights from more recent work focused on community-level responses to tackling the current illegal trade in wildlife (ITW) “crisis”. Building on the insight that community “voice” is a critical determinant of a policy regime that supports their effective engagement, the report further reviews the opportunities for indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLCs) to participate in key relevant international deliberations and decision-making arenas, and the barriers they face.

Nairobi : UNEP, 2018
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80p. : ill.
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Including references.

September 2017 version of the report published here.

Rosie Cooney is chair of the IUCN CEESP/SSC Sustainable Use and Livelihoods Specialist Group.

Holly Dublin is staff at IUCN Eastern and Southern Africa Rregional Office (ESARO), as well as chair of the IUCN SSC African Elephant Specialist Group 2017-2020.

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