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WCC 2020 Res 036 - Activity Report

Información general
Constituyente de la UICN: 
Regional Office for South America
Tipo de Constituyente de la UICN: 
IUCN Secretariat
Período de actividades: 
Ámbito geográfico: 
Meso y Sudamérica
French Guiana
In implementing this Resolution your organization has worked/consulted with...
Qué otros Miembros de la UICN están o han estado implicados en la implementación de esta Resolución?: 
Coordinadora de Organizaciones Indígenas de la Cuenca Amazónica ( COICA ) / Ecuador
Si el Secretariado de la UICN está o ha estado implicado en la implementación de esta Resolución?: 
Indicate and briefly describe any actions that have been carried out to implement this Resolution: 
Educaci�n/Comunicaci�n/Concientizaci�nAligned with Motion 129, a communication campaign was developed together with the COICA communications team to promote the initiative "Amazon for life: let's protect 80% by 2025", which is directly related to Resolution 036. As part of the activities carried out in the Campaign Plan, the website for the launch of the countdown to 2025 was designed, graphic pieces were prepared and disseminated to raise awareness about this initiative, promoting actions to declare the Amazon biome as a conservation priority.Completed
Indique cuáles han sido los resultados/logros obtenidos en el marco de las actividades realizadas: 
1. Design and launch of the “Amazon for Life” website, to which more than 250 allies have already joined.
2. Virtual event to launch the countdown to 2025 on August 9 of 2022 (International Day of Indigenous Peoples), video has more than 3.9 thousand views.
3. The event was reviewed by several international media, such as "El Espectador", "EFE Verde" and "La República"
4. On a national level, on August 9 of 2022, the International Day of Indigenous Peoples was celebrated, highlighting the importance of the Resolutions and the conservation of the Amazon. The event was held in person with the presence of the staff of the European Union, IUCN South America and organizations, public institutions, civil society, organizations and the media.
¿Qué esfuerzos se están llevando a cabo para superar dichos obstáculos?: 
To develop basic guidelines to build an Action Plan for the implementation of the Resolution; and to identify achieved and measurable results; To find clear processes and mechanisms, to motivate the director of IUCN to implement everything that is requested in Resolution 036.
Indique y describa brevemente las actividades que se realizarán en el futuro para la implementación de esta Resolución: 
Acción FuturaDescripción
Actividades t�cnicas/cient�ficas1. Prepare a proposal for a methodological route for the implementation of the Resolution with the proposing entities and others that wish to adhere. 2. Set up a working group for the implementation of the resolution. 3. Enrich the methodological route proposed to the working group, provide feedback. 4. Continue searching for mechanisms to encourage compliance with the provisions of the resolution involving the General Director
Información complementaria