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WCC 2020 Res 124 - Activity Report

Información general
Constituyente de la UICN: 
Regional Office for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean
Tipo de Constituyente de la UICN: 
IUCN Secretariat
Período de actividades: 
Ámbito geográfico: 
In implementing this Resolution your organization has worked/consulted with...
Qué otros Miembros de la UICN están o han estado implicados en la implementación de esta Resolución?: 
Noé / France
Qué Comisiones de la UICN están o han estado implicados en la implementación de esta Resolución?: 
IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas 2021-2025 (WCPA)
Si el Secretariado de la UICN está o ha estado implicado en la implementación de esta Resolución?: 
Indicate and briefly describe any actions that have been carried out to implement this Resolution: 
Educaci�n/Comunicaci�n/Concientizaci�nNoe (french member) continued to raise awareness on the impact of night light on biodiversity. Namely, in 2022, a new article was launched highlighting the impacts of night light on butterflies in non-technical terms. https://noe.org/pollution-lumineuse-perturbation-papillons-de-nuit - Ninguno -
Actividades t�cnicas/cient�ficasThe Dark Skies Advisory Group (DSAG) of WCPA renewed its members in 2021, therefore strengthening its capacities to provide guidance and advice on reducing night light pollution, particularly in protected and/or natural areas. New members include : Bruno Charlier, Pic du Midi International Dark Sky Reserve Project (France), Ashley Wilson, International Dark Sky Association (USA), Robert Dick, Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, David Goldstein, Northeast Regional Office, National Park Service ( USA ), István Gyarmathy, Hortobágy National Park (Hungary), John Hearnshaw, University of Canterbury (New Zealand), Travis Longcore, The Urban Wildlands Group (USA), Antonia Varela Perez, Fundación Starlight (Spain), Juan José Negro, Doñana Biological Station (Spain), Clive Ruggles, International Astronomical Union Working Group on Astronomy and World Heritage (UK), Woody Smeck, Sequoia and King’s Canyon National Parks (USA), Jurij Stare, Initiative for an International Association for Dark Sky Parks (Slovenia), Karen Trevino, Natural Sounds and Dark Skies Division, National Park Service (USA), Ted Trzyna, Leader, IUCN WCPA Urban Conservation Strategies Specialist Group (USA), John Waugh, Semaphore Inc. (USA), David Welch, Chair, Dark Skies Advisory Group,(Canada),Linda Wong, China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation SecretariatOn-going
Indique cuáles han sido los resultados/logros obtenidos en el marco de las actividades realizadas: 
Limited details are available at the moment on result/achievements.
¿Qué esfuerzos se están llevando a cabo para superar dichos obstáculos?: 
IUCN secretariat has so far little capacity to attend this resolution and should build upon work of existing members and commissions to mobilize ressources on projects that help reducing light pollution at scale.
Indique y describa brevemente las actividades que se realizarán en el futuro para la implementación de esta Resolución: 
Información complementaria