WCC 2012 Res 055

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World Conservation Congress
Year / Conference: 
2012 Jeju
English title: 
Consolidation of the IUCN Red List of Ecosystems
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French title: 
Intégration de la Liste rouge des écosystèmes de l’UICN
French file: 
Spanish title: 
Consolidación de la Lista Roja de Ecosistemas de la UICN
Spanish file: 
Education, renforcement des capacités, sensibilisation du public, communication
Utilisation du territoire
Ecosystèmes marins
Ressources en eau
Gouvernance environnementale
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WCC 2012 Res 055 - Activity Report 2015 IUCN Secretariat Headquarters Much global and national interest in RLE from all over the world to provide an overall risk assessment (and guidance on what needs to be done to reduce the risks), and RLE as a tool for longer term mo