WCC 2012 Res 114

Other code: 
Conference type: 
World Conservation Congress
Year / Conference: 
2012 Jeju
English title: 
Promotion of sustainable tourism, rural development and the value of natural heritage
English file: 
French title: 
Promotion du tourisme durable, du développement rural et de la valeur du patrimoine naturel
Spanish title: 
Fomento del turismo sostenible, el desarrollo rural y el valor del patrimonio natural
Spanish file: 
Bien-être/développement humain
Aires protégées
Utilisation du territoire
Régional ou provincial
Education, renforcement des capacités, sensibilisation du public, communication
Secteur privé
Geographic scope: 
Europe de l'Ouest

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Rapport Period coveredsort descending IUCN Constituent type IUCN Constituent Résultats / réalisations
WCC 2012 Res 114 - Activity Report 2015 IUCN Secretariat Headquarters National Tourism Integral Plan 2012 – 2015 has been adopted; Guidelines for Eco-tourism Planning in the Mediterranean Region have been drafted in the framework of the MEET Project;
WCC 2012 Res 114 - Activity Report 2019 IUCN Member Fundación Savia por el Compromiso y los Valores