WCC 2012 Res 120

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Conference type: 
World Conservation Congress
Year / Conference: 
2012 Jeju
English title: 
Biodiversity conservation for development in the South through South-South cooperation
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French title: 
Conservation de la biodiversité pour le développement dans le Sud, dans le cadre de la coopération Sud-Sud
Spanish title: 
Conservación de la biodiversidad para el desarrollo en el sur mediante la cooperación sur-sur
Spanish file: 
Gouvernance environnementale
Bien-être/développement humain
Accords et processus internationaux
Education, renforcement des capacités, sensibilisation du public, communication
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Rapport Period coveredsort descending IUCN Constituent type IUCN Constituent Résultats / réalisations
WCC 2012 Res 120 - Activity Report 2015 IUCN Secretariat Headquarters Although it is difficult to assign attribution to IUCN, there are increasing governance mechanisms that reflect South-South cooperation, such as the South-South cooperation fund set up by the Chinese
WCC 2012 Res 120 - Activity Report 2018 IUCN Commission on Ecosystems Management 2017-2020 IUCN CEM Central America, Mexico and Caribbean 2017-2020 A team of indigenous farmers from southern Belize participated in a South-South cooperation networking opportunity in Cuba.