WCC 2016 Res 034 - Activity Report

Information générale
Constituant de l’UICN: 
IUCN WCPA Europe Region 2017-2020
Type de Constituant de l’UICN: 
IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas 2017-2020
Période d’activité: 
Zone géographique: 
Europe de l'Est, Asie du Nord et centrale
Czech Republic
In implementing this Resolution your organization has worked/consulted with...
Quelles sont les Commissions de l’UICN impliquées dans la mise en œuvre de cette Résolution ?: 
IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas 2017-2020 (WCPA)
Veuillez indiquer quels autres acteurs (non-membres de l’UICN) sont impliqués dans la mise en œuvre de cette Résolution: 
Hnuti Duha
Indicate and briefly describe any actions that have been carried out to implement this Resolution: 
Rassembler des parties prenantes/RéseautageDiscussion between WCPA RVC and WCPA members in Czech republic in Septmeber 2016 on the implementation of the IUCN standards for category II „national parks“ in Prague. It was agreed that activities will be coordinated again when the new management plan will b eunder preparation and in phase of approval.On-going
Activités visant à influencer et/ou promouvoir les politiquesSeveral meetings between the representatives of the Czech Ministry for Environment and WCPA Global and RVC Eurpe Chair and IUCN GPAP director took place after the WCC, aiming at explanation of the IUCN PA standards. In April 2017, the Czech Parliament approved the new rules for Czech national parks, which was proposed by the Ministry of Environment as a part of broader Nature and Landscape Protection Act: https://www.zakonyprolidi.cz/cs/1992-114#cast3. This new law states for the first time that national parks should primarily protect basically undisturbed natural processes on more than one half of their area as its long term goal. The main task for the Šumava NP now is the preparation of new zonation and management plan according to the new rules in the act. On-going
Veuillez indiquer quels ont été les résultats obtenus dans le cadre des activités entreprises pour la mise en œuvre de cette Résolution: 
The amendment of the Nature Conservation Act was approved by the Parliament and signed by the President.
The amendment improved NP protection newly declaring that at least half of the NP has to be left to natural processes.
Quelles mesures ont été prises afin de surmonter ces obstacles ?: 
Lack of understanding of the IUCN standards and criteria. Communication with responsible persons in the Ministry was accelerated.
Veuillez indiquer et décrire brièvement les activités planifiées par la suite pour la mise en œuvre de cette Résolution: 
Activité FutureDescription
Activités visant à influencer et/ou promouvoir les politiquesExpert support will be provided by the IUCN WCPA in the process of adoption of the Management plan for Sumava NP.