WCC 2016 Res 021 - Activity Report

Information générale
Constituant de l’UICN: 
IUCN Species Survival Commission 2017-2020
Période d’activité: 
Zone géographique: 
Asie du Sud et Asie de l'Est
Viet Nam
In implementing this Resolution your organization has worked/consulted with...
Quelles sont les Commissions de l’UICN impliquées dans la mise en œuvre de cette Résolution ?: 
IUCN Species Survival Commission 2013-2016 (SSC)
Le Secrétariat de l’UICN, est-il impliqué dans la mise en œuvre de cette Résolution ?: 
Veuillez indiquer quels autres acteurs (non-membres de l’UICN) sont impliqués dans la mise en œuvre de cette Résolution: 
ADM Capital Foundation
Indicate and briefly describe any actions that have been carried out to implement this Resolution: 
Education/Communication/SensibilisationA short film is being developed to raise awareness/education on this issue based on findings in the report.On-going
Activités techniques/scientifiquesThe attached report is the outcome of work initiated on UUU fisheries, particularly in relation to the priority issue of Bycatch that Claudio Campagna and Yvonne Sadovy addressed in our roles as co-Chairs of the Marine Conservation Sub-Committee of the SSC (2013-2016) A major issue identified by marine Specialist Groups across many marine species was that of 'bycatch' (in its various forms such as discards, incidental catch, non-target catch, etc.) as a threat both directly and indirectly to a wide range of marine species. In the context of this resolution the South China Sea catches of (mainly) fish that are predominantly used for fish feed are un-selective, largely unsustainable and unmonitored (UUU) however this report covers a major region of the world, the South China Sea (Southeast Asia and East China Sea), where this kind of UUU fishing is very heavy and is a serious and growing problem for biodiversity. As such it is a significant contribution, through field work in China and Vietnam and desk top study of the current status and challenges of UUU associated with trawler fishing in the region.Completed
Veuillez indiquer quels ont été les résultats obtenus dans le cadre des activités entreprises pour la mise en œuvre de cette Résolution: 
The issue of catches for fish feed is being considered within China in relation to a more sustainable approach to developing the marine economy. These discussions are ongoing by the Chinese government and scientists.
Quelles mesures ont été prises afin de surmonter ces obstacles ?: 
UUU fisheries associated with fish feed catches involves the capture of organic matter for use as feed in massive quantities (third to half of all trawler catches) to supply the growing aquaculture sector. Minimum mesh sizes are not adhered to and the fishery is not monitored for species or volumes. Scientific papers and educational materials are being prepared.
Veuillez indiquer et décrire brièvement les activités planifiées par la suite pour la mise en œuvre de cette Résolution: 
Activité FutureDescription
Activités techniques/scientifiquesScientific papers to be prepared to model and describe the situation and its implications
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