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Guidelines for applying the IUCN protected area management categories to marine protected areas
IUCN Publication

With the smaller number of marine protected areas (MPAs) compared with terrestrial protected areas, there is less experience and understanding of applying the categories to MPAs. Application of the categories to MPAs has often been inaccurate and inconsistent. These supplementary marine guidelines are thus aimed at ensuring that the IUCN categories can be effectively applied to all types of MPAs as well as to any marine components of adjoining terrestrial protected areas, provided a site meets the IUCN definition of a protected area. Inconsistencies in the application of, and reporting on, the categories reduce the efficacy and use of the system as a global classification scheme. These supplementary guidelines should increase the accuracy and consistency of both assignment and reporting.

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Gland : IUCN, 2012
Physical Description: 
34p. : ill.
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Includes bibliographic references. The primary purpose of these supplementary guidelines is to increase the accuracy and consistency of assignment and reporting of the IUCN categories when applied to marine and coastal protected areas; to avoid unnecessary duplication of text, these supplemental guidelines therefore must be read in association with the 2008 Guidelines.

New edition produced in 2019.

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