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Wildlife trade control : CAFTA-DR Regional Gap Analysis Report
IUCN Grey Literature

After vetting country-specific assessments with each country, TRAFFIC has produced this regional report that synthesizes information from each of the six country assessments and makes recommendations for regional capacity building approaches. This analysis includes an overview of the legal structure and functional ways that wildlife trade is managed in CAFTA-DR countries. The analysis also includes a synthesis of recommendations and strategies focused on reducing illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade by improving the capacity, technical skills and knowledge among authorities, enforcement staff and other persons involved in wildlife management and enforcement of wildlife laws. This analysis will provide both a useful framework for guiding TRAFFIC’s capacity building work in the region in cooperation with CAFTA-DR countries and will also provide a way to promote communication and facilitate cooperation among key authorities responsible for wildlife law enforcement and management. This regional report will be in the public domain but will not attribute capacity needs, gaps or challenges to any particular country without that government’s approval

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Washington, D.C. : Traffic North America, WWF, 2009
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67 p. : fig.
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Available in electronic format: Also available in separate Spanish language edition.


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