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Complete Title: 
Disaster relief 2.0 : the future of information sharing in humanitarian experiences
Non IUCN Publication

The report analyzes how the humanitarian community and the emerging volunteer and technical communities worked together in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, and recommends ways to improve coordination between them in future emergencies. The report is based on interviews with more than 40 technology and humanitarian experts, many of whom responded to the devastating January 2010 earthquake in Haiti. The report identifies best practice and lessons learned from the Haiti operation; makes recommendations to strengthen coordination between the humanitarian and technology communities; and proposes a draft framework for institutionalizing this collaboration.

New York, USA : OCHA, 2011
Physical Description: 
71p. : ill.
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Includes bibliographical references. Released at the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid & Development Conference, March 28, 2011, and available here:

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Record created: 2013/09/13
Record updated: 2020/04/10