Living with the sea : local efforts buffer effects of global change

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Living with the sea : local efforts buffer effects of global change
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This document draws on marine managed area (MMA) experiences worldwide by synthesizing results from over 25 natural science studies conducted over the past five years in 18 tropical countries in 48 MMAs. The analysis focuses on the role of MMAs in maintaining healthy oceans, showing that MMAs can be used to enhance fisheries outside their borders and safeguard threatened species. Conserving multiple habitats using MMAs can also protect diverse livelihoods and increase fisheries yields. Local protection of marine resources through the MMA process can provide strong local benefits to species, habitats, and people. Local protection buffers against global climate change impacts while maintaining the richness of marine life. Finally, MMAs benefit by using new scientific approaches and engaging citizen scientists. Living with the Sea examines the role of marine managed areas in restoring and sustaining healthy oceans, particularly the importance of local management efforts. Based on 5 years of natural and social science research in 23 countries, it is intended to advance discussions among government agencies, non-government organizations, user groups, and other stakeholders about how and why to implement integrated management for the ocean.

Arlington, VA : Conservation International, 2010
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19p. : ill., maps
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Includes bibliographic references. High-resolution version also available from the publication page at the Conservation International/Science2Action website.

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