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Complete Title: 
More people, more trees : environmental recovery in Africa = plus de gens, plus d'arbres : le rétablissement de l'environnement en Afrique
Non IUCN Publication



Over 20 years ago, concerned farmers’ groups in Kenya and Burkina Faso began to adopt new measures to conserve soil and water and to re-establish trees in their fields. Two videos, "Looking after our Land" and "Building on Traditions", recorded the new participatory approaches for land conservation being developed at that time in various countries. More People, More Trees returns to the same communities, and some of the same people, in Kenya and Burkina Faso to document developments since the original filming. The film shows spectacular changes: most obviously more trees planted and protected by the people themselves aided and encouraged by continuing community projects. More People, More Trees thus highlights a demonstrable success story for community participation in agricultural change in Burkina Faso and Kenya. In this film, the landscapes tell their own story, but so do the local people. The accompanying book expounds upon the powerful messages in the film and describes the technologies employed by the communities, provides hard data to support their testimonies, and looks at the current challenges of soil conservation in the context of climate change.

Warwickshire, UK : Practical Action Publishing, 2010
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xv, 89p. ; xiv, 80p. : ill.
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Bilingual English and French text with accompanying bilingual film. Includes bibliographical references (pp. 75-80, 83-89).

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Reprint 2012
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