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Safe flyways for the Siberian Crane
Non IUCN Publication



Cranes, a flagship species of waterbirds, have great cultural significance - especially the Siberian Crane. Yet, even after decades of conservation efforts, cranes remain threatened with 11 species at risk. To help reverse these trends, the UNEP/GEF Siberian Crane Wetland Project  was the first project to its kind to take a "flyway" approach to conservation, looking to secure the ecological integrity of a network of 16 critical wetlands in Eurasia. For close to a decade, project managers tracked annual migration routes from breeding to wintering sites across four countries: the Russian Federation, China, Iran and Kazakhstan. This report recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of this landmark project. 

Baraboo, US : International Crane Foundation, 2009
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xii, 99p. : ill., maps
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This is the terminal report of the UNEP/GEF Siberian Crane Wetland Project: Development of a Wetland Sit and Flyway Network for Conservation of the Siberian Crane and Other Migratory Waterbirds in Asia, GF/2712-03-4627.


A PDF version of this Terminal Report and the report annexes may be downloaded from the SCWP website at, or you may request a copy on CD by contacting the International Crane Federation at or +1-608-356-9462.

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