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Status survey and conservation action plan for the bats of Prespa
Non IUCN Publication

Through the long efforts of what began as a group of French volunteers, an exemplary Bat Action Plan has been produced by the Society for the Protection of Prespa at the transboundary level, significantly increasing the limited knowledge on bats in the Transboundary Prespa Park. For the countries sharing the Prespa Basin -- Greece, Macedonia, and Albania -- this work is an example of the importance and wealth of the Prespa area but also of the high quality results that good cooperation among partners and scientists can produce. This Action Plan provides new scientific data as well as important information on conservation activities and mitigation measures that should be take to preserve bats and their habitats. 

Ag. Germanos, Greece : Society for the Protection of Prespa (SPP), 2011
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191p. : ill., maps
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Record created: 2014/07/30
Record updated: 2020/04/10