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Complete Title: 
The benefits of natural World Heritage : identifying and assessing ecosystem services and benefits provided by the world's most iconic natural places
IUCN Publication

This study identifies and assesses the diversity of ecosystem services, and in turn the benefits that World Heritage sites can deliver to society and the economy through direct and indirect use or through inherent 'non-use' values. It also aims to increase awareness and understanding of the multiple services and benefits that ecosystems can provide as well  as their contribution to the well-being of local, national and global communities. This report targets a wide range of audiences, including WH site managers, decision makers and civil society; in particular, it can help inform management decisions which result in strategies to conserve healthy, functioning ecosystems within WH sites that support the delivery of multiple benefits to our societies and economies. 

Gland, CH : IUCN, 2014
Physical Description: 
58p.: ill., maps
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Includes bibiographic references

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Record created: 2014/11/17
Record updated: 2021/04/30