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Global environment outlook : GEO SIDS : Small Island Developing States outlook
Non IUCN Publication

While Small Island Developing States (SIDS) have bountiful supplies of renewable resources and an island culture that is iconic of paradise, the challenges ahead are daunting. While the future cannot be predicted, the development of plausible futures built on combinations of realistic outlooks can offer a basis for policy choices. This report shows that there is much that SIDS can do proactively to anticipate environmental problems and their economic consequences or even avoid them through innovative planning and action. The UNEP GEO SIDS Outlook provides an ensemble of four island-centric futures: the blue-green economy; technology leapfrogging; priority to island community and culture; and reconnecting with nature. Elements of each can be combined to respond to the needs of a particular island or state. The report includes options for a SIDS sustainability policy framework, to help individual states consider future policies that best respond to their needs. Finally, a preliminary review of national submissions to the conference shows how much progress is already being made.

Nairobi : UNEP, 2014
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[vi], 52p. : ill., maps
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