Management manual for UNESCO biosphere reserves in Africa

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Management manual for UNESCO biosphere reserves in Africa : a practical guide for managers
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UNESCO biosphere reserves are regions that resemble protected areas, but go far beyond mere protection. Their target is to balance nature conservation with socio-economic development and poverty alleviation. This manual gives guidance to managers, their key partners and stakeholders on this central issue of UNESCO biosphere reserves: why and how to work with local communities. This manual focuses on practical aspects such as how to address and manage local conflicts between stakeholders as well as on co-management with local communities and benefit-sharing. In addition, it aims at promoting up-to-date terminology and methodology of the diverse biosphere reserves on the African continent and to support their networking. This manual also explains the uniqueness of biosphere reserves as being designated by UNESCO according to binding global criteria.

[Bonn] : [German Commission for UNESCO], 2015
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186p. : ill.
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