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Conference type: 
World Conservation Congress
Year / Conference: 
2016 Hawai'i
English title: 
Identifying Key Biodiversity Areas for safeguarding biodiversity
English file: 
French title: 
Identification des zones clés pour la biodiversité aux fins de la préservation de la biodiversité
Spanish title: 
Identificación de áreas clave para la biodiversidad a fin de salvaguardar la biodiversidad
Spanish file: 
Protected areas
Geographic scope: 

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Activity reports Period coveredsort descending IUCN Constituent type IUCN Constituent Results /achievements
WCC 2016 Res 041 - Activity Report 2017 IUCN Species Survival Commission 2017-2020 IUCN SSC Galliformes Specialist Group 2017-2020 Protección de 30,000 ha (7,400 acres) bajo el esquema de UMA para su conservación y aprovechamiento sustentable.
WCC 2016 Res 041 - Activity Report 2017 IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas 2017-2020 IUCN WCPA Biodiversity and Protected Areas Task Force 2017-2020