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Conference type: 
World Conservation Congress
Year / Conference: 
2016 Hawai'i
English title: 
Protection of primary forests, including intact forest landscapes
English file: 
French title: 
Protection des forêts primaires, y compris les paysages forestiers intacts
Spanish title: 
Protección de los bosques primarios, entre ellos los paisajes forestales intactos
Spanish file: 
Protected areas
Geographic scope: 

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Activity reports Period coveredsort descending IUCN Constituent type IUCN Constituent Results /achievements
WCC 2016 Res 045 - Activity Report 2017 IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas 2017-2020 IUCN WCPA North America Region 2017-2020 Several planning meetings held. Task Team TOR drafted. Task Team membership convenened. Background docs. assembled.
WCC 2016 Res 045 - Activity Report 2018 IUCN Member Sustainable Forestry Initiative, Inc.
WCC 2016 Res 045 - Activity Report 2019 IUCN Commission on Education and Communication 2017-2020 At the local level, there has to be continual vigilence Currently the old growth forest in the Walbran is under threat and citizens are prepared to get arrested again .
WCC 2016 Res 045 - Activity Report 2019 IUCN WCPA Europe Region 2017-2020 As a result of the public awareness on the status of the Râul Alb Valley, the media coverage, the criminal complaints and the pressure put on the authorities, the large scale logging which otherwise w